Finding Time to Travel while Working a Full-Time Job

More than half of my family & friends don’t believe that I have a job. Well, to put the record straight, the majority of this past year I have been pass porting around the world but have also had a full-time job all year around. Usually people wonder how I travel as much as I do while holding down a job were its duties/responsibilities are neither travel-related, nor requires much, if any, traveling. Most people assume I am either a full-time travel blogger, I am paid to travel (which would be AWESOME!!!), or I am endorsed by some company to travel (which would be even MORE AWESOME)! However, none of those assumptions are true but I wouldn’t mind if they were. Don’t live life thinking you will travel in the future, whenever you get the chance, take full advantage of it! You never know what the future withholds, so live in the present.

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So how do I do it?

So, how on world do I find the TIME to travel so often??? Many people ask me more than often: “How do you find time to travel between work and life?” People go far as even asking both my parents and sister “where does Parth work? or what does he do for a living? or how does he just travel all the time?” I thought I’d finally put all these questions to rest and HELP those of you who are struggling to find time to travel or doing the things you truly feel passionate about in life. Here are some tips and advice on how/why I make the time to travel, why I focus on myself, and why I want to help others find that time to travel.

Traveling has always been a passion for me as far I can think back to. I have particularly and purposely circled my life around this passion since my childhood. As long as I am living, eating, and breathing I plan to continue my travels. Everything from my hobbies, lifestyle choices, to the career path I’ve chosen—which provides me the financial freedom, have all been interconnected by my desire to travel in some way.

Designing your whole life around a single passion of yours may seem bizarre at first. But, trust me it’s well worth it! Continue reading on to find out how I manage my time and what you could do in your life to fit in more traveling in between your work life and other familiar circumstances/responsibilities. Take smaller steps if you have to, if it’s too overwhelming, as long as it will allow you to travel some more. I urge you to try the following tips; they have at one time or another worked for me:

1. Make Travel a Priority 

There’s so many things we want to do in our life in which we must prioritize. No matter what life throws you your way, there’s one thing you should keep consistent—a passion that is very dear. You should always find time for yourself and what you love to do—what makes you happy. Traveling does not have to be for just the beauty but can also help you learn and dig deeper to find yourself. So FINDING TIME, is NOT an excuse, it’s about making the time for what you love. Fulfilling your passions, doing what makes you happy and what makes you feel like you can conquer the world is self-fulfillment.

2. Find a Job That You Love

Find a job that you love can help you focus on other things so that you can ALSO cherish all the things life has to offer. To find time, is to compartmentalize your outlook and passions in order to not let your professional and personal life become interchanged. At work you should focus on how to enable your talents the best you can. But after work you should focus on not only life responsibilities but also your needs and wants. The enjoyment of waking up and going to work every day is a priority.

3. Utilize Weekends, Long Weekends, and Holidays

Whether it’s an hour or two, an entire weekend, a long weekend or holiday, I make it a goal to squeeze in a quick trip! Even though they may be short days, short trips still fulfill my travel experiences. Plus I don’t have to use up so much of my annual/personal leave.

4. Take Advantage of Business/Work Related Trips

Taking business trips have several advantages: they allow me to gain more knowledge and converse with other professionals of different backgrounds. It’s also a great way to squeeze in a short trip and an all-paid-for therapeutic vacation. Whenever I’m traveling for work, I’ll make it point to extend my trip a few extra day(s) so it gives me a chance to explore the country/city I’m in, or I’ll take advantage of any layover I may have on the way there or back. The idea of a business trip can extrapolate the best out of yourself, a new fresh environment is motivating and allows you to be innovative.

5. Use Your Annual and Personal Leave Wisely

Knowing when to use annual leave and personal leave is the key. Don’t lose a day to wanting to stay home.  (Hence why find a job that you love!) Use your vacation days for times that truly matter—for TRAVELS. Be particular about how you use your leaves, don’t let them rack up but use them throughout the year. This is essential to having that time to travel without hesitation.

6. Do More Multi-Country & Cities Trips

There are 195 countries in the world and none of us have the time to see them all. So pick and choose which locations matter to you the most, go abroad and find neighboring cities you can knock out in one trip. Efficient planning leads to better time management. For example, I’ve been to Europe twice within this past year, the first time I took an 11 day vacation in order to explore four different countries. I left Friday after work and flew to Spain for 4 nights, then flew to France for 3 nights (where I took a day trip to Belgium and returned back the same day, ended my trip with a 2 night stay in Portugal. Using the advantage of traveling during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, I only needed to take a total of 3 days’ worth of vacation leave! It wasn’t the most peaceful holiday as I was always on the go, but it is a great example of how I really make the most of my vacation leave.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Travel Alone 

And the biggest setback to those who have a passion for travel: Various schedules puts constraints. It does not allow for us to find others whose vacation days and set mind on traveling to align. So travel alone! Part of the adventure is being adventurous. Finding time to do things for yourself helps fulfill what is near and dear to you. Various schedules, by no means, should sway you away from traveling.

As Andre Gide famously wrote, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Always remember the purpose of why we do the things we are truly passionate about and to help those struggling find the answer “why” when it comes to traveling refer to this blog post for example we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us! 


What are some things you’re passionate about? No matter what the situation is or circumstances are, you make time for it your true passion. Please leave comments below!


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  1. Hersh says:

    Yessssss! Traveling is so much fun! It shows you new ways of life and opens up the doors for some crazy experiences. Love the tips you gave very aplicable to help make traveling a lot easier! Keep it up 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog 🙂 Yes! I couldn’t agree anymore traveling definitely one of the best investment you can make: it broadens the mind. Helps make everlasting memories. Enriches your health and happiness. Etc….. Thank You 🙂

  2. I found this blog very inspiring to me because I always struggle to find time to travel however I have plenty of time to do other things. Great work

    1. I’m humbled to hear that, thank you! Follow some of the tips i listed off in the blog they have at one time or another worked for me. Happy Exploring.

  3. prathana2704 says:

    Excellent work!

  4. dhruvpatel12333yahoocom says:

    I found this blog very inspiring; loved the story you shared as well!

    1. I am grateful that you enjoyed this blog:)

  5. Yes! Definitely need to start traveling some more

    1. Yes you should!!

  6. bhavnapatel6566gmailcom says:

    Wow nice Blog

    1. Thank You 🙂

  7. mpatel8898 says:

    Excellent work 🙂

    1. Appreciate the positive feedback 🙂

    1. Yes most definitely!

  8. mpatel8898 says:

    Traveling is should not be a goal, but a priority. Always be open to new experiences and enjoy every moment !

  9. bijal304 says:

    Found this blog really inspiring!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog 🙂

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